We claim for ourselves, for this group AlkebulanCoin Cryptocurrency (AKB), for this project to develop a COIN – not to develop a CURRENCY (!!!). There are hundreds of coins based on the Block-chain Technology, some for charity, some to get rich with. But a (block-chain) currency just for Africa that can be used in every African state, in every town, in every village, in every shop, and between the People doesn’t exist so far. Let this currency be the start of a new time because the time for a United Africa is now. Why should the time be now? Look at Africa, there are a lot of resources in the Ground, there is pure natural energy most of the year (Sun – heat, Water – flow). Why don’t you just use them?

Africa is a beautiful continent with prospects and opportunities, African entrepreneurs are visionaries’, big risk takers and hardworking people. A number of advances and stretched upright problems have shared to jeopardize the capacity of small firms in Africa to endure in today’s global economic scheme. Poor infrastructure, lack of financial backing, unable to expand internationally, regional trading blocs using different types of fiat money (paper money) in Africa countries and inability to secure bank loans due to lack of collateral by grassroots entrepreneurs. AlkebulanCoin is a blockchain based cryptocurency designed to tokenize the future of African business and entrepreneurship by building the largest online marketplace in Africa where buying and selling of goods and services will take place through a tokenized system of money. This will help African entrepreneurs to secure the future of their business, having daily profit from their investment, no need to worry about Bank loans and they will be opportune to sell their products to the new growing community of cryptocurrency holders worldwide.

All Project members of Alkebulan Cryptocurrency (AKB) got one target, one thing that united us in the group and also unites all Africans as well. We want Africa to rise to a new and strong glorious Nation. To reach those targets it is necessary to enable Cross-border Transactions – Europe would not work without that. Yes, Europe got its own problems, but look what they also achieved in this year since they use the Euro. You can move from Germany to France also Italy and a lot more states without exchanging the currency, imagine this for Africa with a common cryptocurrency (AlkebulanCoin)

Safe & Secure

Your funds are stored in a blockchain address that only you control.You are the only person who can access your assets



The development of Waves-NG was Bitcoin-NG, a protocol developed for Bitcoin by Emin Gün Sierer


Network to process thousands of transactions per minute — making it the fastest decentralised blockchain


Transactions in last 24h


Transactions per hour


Largest Transactions


Years of Experience


Caleb Adekunle

Caleb Adekunle

General Director

Computer Scientist/Business Man. Founder of the largest online marketing platform in Northern Nigeria

Chetan Jasud

Chetan Jasud

Asst. Managing Director

Search Engine Optimization Strategist at VCCLHosting, Google and Bing Certified Digital Marketer

Kwabena  Appianing

Kwabena Appianing

Financial Director

Head of Digital Media & Innovations at Global Media Alliance Official, Former Project Manager at Techcom Visions

Simon Ewa

Simon Ewa

Marketing Director

I strive for excellence and working hard towards changing my system for the better good of the society

Mario Stephens

Mario Stephens


Host/Producer at The “Mo-Steps” show, Works at WNWP-TV Internet Television, Works at The Sledge Group Consultants, Inc, Works at The

Segun Ajibade

Segun Ajibade

Asst. Marketing Director

Sales Manager at Main Gate Properties, Sales Manager at Occident Travels and Tours, IT casual staff at Big Treat Plc

Yusuf Khalid

Yusuf Khalid

Public Relations OFFICER

Entrepreneur/Businesses man have provided his services to over 5,000 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Princess Adaeze Emejuru

Princess Adaeze Emejuru

International Ambassador

Communication and multi media specialist. at Rare Gem Group, Actor at The Storyteller Company, Member of the Board of Directors

Raghothama  V Mruthike

Raghothama V Mruthike

Chief Developer

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